I was playing

Prepare your children slowly until they reach adulthood, keep a good record of their atrocities, and then go straight to the lawsuit through a divorce lawyer. They’re not going to see you either. The rest of my life will be playing games and eating instant rice. You don’t have to be soft on your children’s marriage. Now is the time when people live and get divorced because they know about small wedding. I’ve seen two couples getting divorced through games, and I haven’t heard anything. Words are personality differences, domestic violence, and so on, but when you listen to them, the game is at the bottom. I woke up late to play games and got fired from work due to frequent tardiness, I could hardly share the housework because I was playing games, I was out of my mind while playing games, I stayed out overnight frequently because I was playing games, and I stopped talking because I was too busy playing games, so I showed my tendency of violence. and so on

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